Costa Rica Travel – What You Must Know Before Packing Your Bags

kayaking-in-tortuguero-costa-rica-300x200Next time when you pack your bags for holiday, keep Costa Rica in mind. Sir Costa Rica Best travel destination list is worth a glance before you invest in homes in Costa Rica. It is rated to be the happiest place to live according to the Happy Plane Index. It scored 44.7 on the index above countries like Mexico and Colombia. Britain takes the 34th position in the HPI ratings. Costa Rica is a peace loving place and does not have a standing army since 1949. Rightly it is chosen to be the destination for United Nations University for Peace. Finding homes is easy now with the help of reputed real estate agents.

Living close to nature
The serenity of the place and the peace loving nature of the peace have pushed the life expectancy rate of the place to 79 years, higher in comparison with the Central American countries. Another region known for high life expectancy is Nicoya Peninsula. Here the residents live beyond 100 years adhering to simple lifestyle. The residents of Nicoya live on cattle ranches and farming lands.

Respect the environment
The literacy rates stands at 97.8 percent making it one of the top 40 countries among the world. The government strives to work on a carbon neutral region by the year 2021. There are many eco lodges that can make your stay pleasant and give you a feeling that you have contributed to the environment. There are exclusive digs you can find at the Costa Verde resort. The place is renowned for its world class office.

There are some exotic beaches especially in the Drake Bay by the Osa Peninsula. Costa Rica is the best destination for budget travelers. VivaCam offers low cost carrier from San Jose to other parts of Central America. Diquis Delta was created by an ancient civilization unregistered by the historians. If you love gardens the city of Zarcero is the place to be.

Costa Rica slangs
Greet a Costa Rican with Pura vida meaning Pure life or Que tuanes which means Get to our knees. Some of the other common terminologies used by Costa Ricans include media naranja meaning half of orange.

Nature lover will be impressed with the Olive Ridley sea turtles by the Pacific Ocean. It is one of the best experiences in the world. Water rafting experience at Turrialba is highly recommended. The Nicoya peninsula is suitable for surfing. The mesmerizing water cascade is a treat to watch.

Cloud forest
Another must see destination is the cloud forest at Monteverde. Find the chirping of the birds including the quetzals. This species was considered to be sacred by the Mayans. The feathers of quetzals are considered to be precious than gold. To add to this there are around 52 species of hummingbirds. It is also called the capital of hummingbird of the world.

The cloud forest is maintained by the Society of Friends, a group called Quakers. These friends left the US in the year 1951 to begin a new life at the reserve. The reserve as such was created in the year 1972. The reserve thrived and more parks were created subsequently. There is some much of biodiversity, it comprises of 0.03 percent. It is part of the protected reserve. The place has many volcanoes, among them Arenal is 5,358 ft above sea level. At the Tenorio Volcano National Park is the Rio Celeste, a blue river.